The Club’s Board


As a SCIO the Club has a Board of Trustees that manage the Club and are responsible for ensuring the Club meets its charitable purposes. All of us in the Club are responsible for making things happen but the Board is accountable for overseeing activities, ensuring safety and ensure that we comply with the constitution. In addition, it is the Board that is responsible for the annual programme of events. The Board can comprise of up to 12 members and is elected each year by the Annual General Meeting.

Board Positions 2023/24

Chairperson Andy Dorin

Vice Chairperson Margaret Pearson

Secretary Janet Hooper

Treasurer Lorna Daley

Vice-treasurer Iain Roe

Safeguarding Officer Sophie Fallon

Youth Development Officer Kirsten Petrie

General Board member Anna Robertson

Access Officer- Eleanor Macdonald

Non- Board positions

Safety Officer Euan Avery

Equipment Officer Vacant Jude Monson