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Boats Available for Hire

To hire a boat, take note of the number and/or description of the boat you are interested in and then contact one of the volunteer hirers on the Members Only section of the website.

Boat hire includes paddle, spraydeck, buoyancy aid, cag and helmet, if required.


Please note that the boats marked with a * are not currently stored at the Muirtown Basin; please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in hiring one of them. 


If you would like to hire a sea kayak, have a look at Justin Grant's article on skegs and trim here.


(Updated January 2019)


Discipline Boat Make Boat Model Colour Number
* Sea P&H Capella Red 5
Sea P&H Capella Yellow 4
Sea Current Designs Sirocco Yellow 8
Sea Valley Avocet Yellow 1
Sea Valley Skerray Purple 9
Sea Valley Aquanaut LV Orange 3
* Sea Valley Skerray Red 11
Sea North Shore Atlantic MV Red 2
* Sea (double) Prijon Excursion Red 13
* Sea (double) Prijon Excursion Red 14
Sea Tiderace Vortex Orange 15
Sea Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 Yellow 16
Sea NDK Romany S Yellow 17
Sea  Perception Essence 17 Blue/White  18
Open  Venture Ranger 16 Green 2
Open  Old Town Discovery 158 Green 3
Open  Old Town Discovery 158 Green 4
Open  Old Town Discovery 158 Green 5
Open  Old Town Discovery  Green 6
Open  Mobile Adventure Ranger 14 Green 1
Open  Venture Prospector 15 Green 7
Open  Venture Prospector 15 Green 8
Whitewater Pyranha? Master Yellow 18
Whitewater   Corsica Turquoise 19
Whitewater Eurokayak Rapid Fire Scarlet 20
Whitewater Eurokayak Mosquito Purple 21
Whitewater Prijon ? Orange 22
Whitewater Eurokayak Conquest Yellow 23
Whitewater Dagger Redline Orange 11
Whitewater Perception Whip-It Red/Orange 13
Whitewater Pyranha Ammo Green 6
Whitewater Dagger  XM 8.0 Green 15
Whitewater Wavesport D75 Orange 3
Whitewater Dagger GTX 8.1 Green 14
Whitewater Dagger Nomad Red 17
Whitewater Dagger Nomad Blue 5
Whitewater Necky  Blunt Yellow 9
Whitewater Dagger XM 8.5 Red 4
Whitewater Wavesport Diesel 65 Red 1
Whitewater Pyranha H3 Orange/Yellow 2
Whitewater Necky  Jive Blue 16
Whitewater Eskimo Salto Orange/Yellow 7
Whitewater Eskimo Gambler Blue 10
Whitewater Savage Maniac Black/Red 8
Whitewater Dagger RPM Red 12






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