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Thursday, 20 August 2009 17:51

Arisaig 2009

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Arisaig Sea Kayaking trip July 2009 Despite a “not great” weather forecast predicting winds of up to force 7 and rain for parts of both days, 17 of us met at Loch Ailort jetty on Saturday morning. I had been on a few paddling trips with the club last year and one this year but this was my first “wild camping” trip. There was a good mixture of experienced paddlers and those with less experience. I suspected there might be a steep learning curve for what to pack and how. It took us 2 hours to get everyone packed, cars shifted to Arisaig and onto the water.So far, we were dry and had a relaxed calm paddle up Loch Ailort past fish farms and wee islands until we had our first stop on a beach opposite “Goat Island” From there we paddled around the headland into choppier waters of Loch…
Tuesday, 11 November 2008 19:03

Steph’s Tayside Weekend

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A tale of Steph’s rapid response team in action. It was November 2008 the armistice weekend, Steph called together all the paddler’s she deemed worthy of rescuing her and brought them together in Tayside to do some end of the year paddling on new rivers. Day 1 – The River Lyon.It was a chilly November morning when we gathered for a new adventure on the Lyon, a river none of us had previously been on. Much bravado, drinking and cake eating had been partaken of the night before which had resulted in a decision about midnight that is was moderately wet and so the river would be going. After the lightweights went to bed more hilarity ensued and the drinking continued onto 3am.Many thanks to Lynn for the homebaked cake which rival even Fiona’s normal standard. Once on the river we were quickly into the first rapid, much too quickly…
Sunday, 24 August 2008 19:21

Cuan Sound

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Elaine Goldsmith reports on a July trip to the Cuan Sound It had been glorious for the 2 days before, so a misty drizzly morning was the last thing I had expected as I headed to the rendezvous at Arduaine. I always forget how far it is to Oban from home in Aviemore and Arduaine is even further, it seemed to take forever after Oban, I kept checking the meeting instructions I had received from Neil, it felt like a lot further that 20km south of Oban. Finally I arrived, Justin, Margaret, Jenny and Andy were already on the slip getting ready. Neil and Lorna arrived not long after and we were all ready to get on the water. We all moved fairly quickly to get moving as the still air and damp was ideal for the midgies who were taking advantage of the fresh meat that had arrived. We…
Monday, 28 July 2008 19:24

Eilean nan Ron

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Kym Bridle describes a June trip to Eilean nan Ron. Saturday morning started out nice and bright with a slight breeze and as we were obviously all eager as we managed to leave Talmine Beach earlier than anticipated, I believe this was a first for a club trip. As we headed east across the bay towards the sandy beach at the SW end of the Rabbit Islands we could see small white crested waves between the islands and the far side of the mainland and as we continued over to the far mainland these became steadily larger as the wind continued to increase. We then headed northwards up the coast and then east to Port an t-Strathain which was to be our lunch stop that day. As we left one of the smaller bays before lunch and paddled into the first two waves, I remember thinking ‘my, they were big’…
Monday, 14 April 2008 19:28

River Spey

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River Spey We met at the Muirtown Basin early on Sunday morning in order for those that were kit-less to get kitted-up. I chose a huge yellow kayak that wouldn’t fit into the van so it ended up of Duncan’s roof rack. The other boats and kit were loaded into Pete’s recently re-sprayed shiny white van and then Lynn, Scott and I loaded ourselves into Duncan’s car and off we went. The others (White Van Man [also know as Pete, Ed.], Andreas, Simon) by some mysterious force of van dynamics managed to arrive at the launch site before us despite not overtaking us on route. How strange! It could be explained by our car avoiding the plethora of suicidal pheasants and stopping for the ritual sacrifice of a deer to appease the River Gods!John, Steph and Dave were awaiting us at the Spey. Shuttles completed, we were soon on the…
Monday, 02 April 2007 19:37

Dulsie Bridge

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Dulsie Falls, Upper FindhornIt’s a beautiful, frost crisp morning.The full sun has started to push itself into a cloudless blue sky, bathing the glen in a pastel wash of silver and gold. There is no wind, no noise.The hour went forward last night. An uncivilised practise in my opinion, making the clock lie to nature. It says 8 ‘o’ clock, but no one told the geese, so they won’t take their honky flight into the fields near the house for another hour yet.Despite still feeling deprived of a substantial amount of Sunday morning sleep, things feel good.Fresh.Clear.Today has got to be the day that Dulsie falls.The development of my paddling skills has been painfully slow. I have wobbled, spun and swum my way, bit by bit, into a respectable intermediate grade. Sheer bloody minded-ness has prevented me from giving up and I have doggedly moved through basic skills to eventually…
Tuesday, 19 December 2006 19:40

River Etive

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We pulled into Inchree car park, nosed our way to the bar and joined our fellow paddlers who, arriving some 20mins earlier had claimed a corner of the bar and hoisted the ICC flag in the usual manner. So we got rid of the chip papers, mopped the beer from the table top and sat down. Conversation was lively but, well let’s say….edit worthy. I couldn’t help but notice Andy, Paul and Tony and Andy gussling beer delivered in half gallon jugs and the table top was soon awash again. To save my knees from the constant drip of beer flowing from the table top edges, some grown ups drinking habits were deployed and a round of Laphroaig duly arrived. It was good to see Torquil in fine fettle with his trade mark one-liners. This poor soul had just recovered from a real dose of manflu, a terrible affliction that…
Monday, 21 August 2006 19:43

Liquid Life

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It was the end of May, Inverness Canoe Clubs bravest and finest traveled to Pitlochry and the mighty River Tummel. The rest of the club stayed at home as their cars required a jolly good wash. As soon as the group arrived the big tent went up and the alcohol started to flow , then the food was cooked amidst various semi naked Blondes from the surrounding camps. For some strange reason this did not happen elsewhere, just in view of the Inverness club tent. Reason and deduction explained this to be because the man of steel was leading the club that weekend and females normally had problems keeping their clothes on in his presence. Friday night continued and the drinking got worse as the party started. A fierce and hotly contested drinking competition ensued as the poor behavior and nakedness of the other party revelers got much much worse.…

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