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Sunday, 19 November 2017 22:43

Loch Maree (Seakayak)

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Sunday, the 12th November, was planned to be a sea paddle launching from Gairloch, though due to weather forecast (mainly high winds) the venue was changed to Loch Maree. Coming from Inverness it was most of the way blue skies but approaching Kinlochewe it went wet and windy. Very windy. Driving a long the loch didn't promised a nice, relaxing sunday paddle, but a lot of white capped waves. Arriving at the Slattadale Carpark waves looked even bigger and the next rain front was approaching. Standing in the cold wind and waiting for the arrival of the other club members the idea to skip the paddle and visit a tea room was very tempting. Luckily after a few minutes not only more cars with kayaks…
Thursday, 27 August 2015 20:34

Peer Paddle: Lybster to Wick (22nd August 2015)

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Organizer: Margaret Matthews Started Lybster 10:50Lunch (Whaligoe): 14:00 -14:55 Coffee Break (The Haven): 16:20 - 16:45Arrived Wick: 19:00Distance : 25km (plus) Nineteen ICC paddlers (plus a guest) met on Friday evening at Wick campsite. The weather forecast for the next day promised a very warm day (25 to 26 degree), some wind and rain. From the map it was obvious there would not be many escape routes along the way.On Saturday morning a shuttle down to Lybster was organized, 14miles along the A99. Graham Bull was already waiting in Lybster so we had a group of 20 altogether. All but two cars had to return to Wick to be at the end of the paddle, so it was nearly 11am before we eventually launched.After a…
Monday, 11 May 2015 07:41

The Hunting of the Shark

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An interesting email came in from one of the staff at Scottish Natural Heritage on 25 February about a satellite tag that had been fitted to a basking shark by a research group in Ireland. It had apparently come off the shark and had been washed ashore early in the year on the small islet of Luinga Mhor west of Arisaig. Apparently a local sea paddler had already been to look for it but had been unable to find it. Having had some experience using a hand held radio receiver to home in on the transmission signals of golden eagle satellite tags and retrieve them, I thought that I might be able to help here. The weather forecast was really good for the weekend of…
Thursday, 26 February 2015 23:04

Loch Oich: February 2015

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With a return to more seasonal and unsettled weather, Saturday’s paddle was perfectly timed between the storms of Friday and Sunday. Snow had fallen overnight but the winds had died down and the cloud broken to reveal blue skies and bright sunshine.We met at the canal side at the Bridge of Oich, with plenty of parking and used the pontoons on the canal to launch the boats before passing under the A86 road bridge and entering Loch Oich. With 21 of us, we split into three paddling groups, choosing the North shore, enjoying the warmth of the sun in preference to the slightly more sheltered but colder south side of the loch. Loch Oich is the narrow loch lying between Loch Ness (to the Northeast)…
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 13:20

St Kilda Adventure

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I had always wanted to go to St Kilda and decided to sign up when I saw a week-long kayaking trip round St Kilda and the Hebrides advertised at the start of this year. I’m a fairly inexperienced paddler, but reckoned I would have plenty of time to practice before the trip in June! I only managed a few trips out however, so it was with some trepidation that I met up with the rest of the group on Lewis to set off on the motorboat ‘MV Cuma’, which was to be our home for the week. The boat was comfortable however and everyone was friendly. Our guides Alison French (Sea Kayak Plockton) and Murty Campbell (a local guide who has paddled to St Kilda…
Sunday, 08 February 2015 18:16

Raasay/Rona Circumnavigation : Easter 2014

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Before we even put a paddle in the water, lots of challenging calculations were required as to tide times and tidal streams, then we had to add in the forcasted winds to finally decide the direction of our circumnavigation! The weather was perfect: no winds! - so we paddled east. Glorious sunshine the whole trip, those of us in drysuits baked a bit! This was a 3 day trip: each day was approximately of 30km, which felt a bit daunting so early in the season, but as we paddled with tides we covered the distance with ease. A particular highlight was visiting the cave church on the east coast of Rona….we rafted up as there was no landing point, and climbed 50feet up the rocks…
Sunday, 08 February 2015 18:12

Loch Maree : September 2014

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A bright days paddle on a fresh-water loch – it meant that kit did not need to be washed at home, yippee! Two groups were arranged (peer and coach) and headed off around the islands. (Note that landing on these islands needs to be done outwith the bird season) Despite going separately, the groups met up several times at different points. After a landing and exploration of Isle Maree, where we did not find the old well but did view the Wishing Tree, we made sure that nothing was taken off with us (in accordance with tradition); nobody was suffering from lunacy so we did not need to tow anybody around the island as a cure. We even found a couple of sandy beaches to…
Sunday, 08 February 2015 13:06

Resipole, Loch Sunart : June 2014

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June 2014 Having heard that this was a great area to paddle, a date was arranged for June – Midge Season! Why not earlier or later? Next time we will be more careful!.Despite this, and despite a damp forecast, the organisers decided to arrive early on the Friday for the weekend trip and had a delightful, sunny paddle around Castle Tioram on Loch Moidart before erecting our large tent as base camp.Saturday dawned wet and the decision was made for the small group (8) to paddle from Glenmore on Loch Sunart, go round Oronsay and Carna and then back to the launch site. Unfortunately the tides were not right to get past the narrows between Oronsay and the mainland and nobody fancied dragging kayaks through…
Sunday, 08 February 2015 12:52

Spey Descent : September 2014

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24-30 September 2014. The 4 days set aside for our trip down the Spey beginning on Friday 26th September seemed ample time to cover the 100km distance involved. Even so, a piece of extremely welcome news just before setting off for Kincraig got us all into exactly the right frame of mind. Fiona's non paddling husband Grant had generously offered to shuttle all our drivers back to Loch Insh from Spey Bay. This would avoid us needing to leave one of our cars at the top of the river, then all the time needed to drive back up to Kincraig from Spey Bay at the end of the trip. Woo hoo! And, by the time the shuttle was complete, the non driving members of our…
Sunday, 08 February 2015 12:17

Laide and Gruinard Bay : October 2014

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7 and 8 October 2014. A windy weekend of equinox gales, Laide campsite is right on the beach a few of miles south of the lovely Gruinard Bay. It made a perfect starting or finishing point, even if a shuttle was still needed and some intrepid paddling was done by all. We arrived at different times through Friday and even on Saturday morning and set up tents between pools on the grassy links. Saturday's paddle was a northerly, clockwise trip from Aultbea to Laide via Greenstone Point (Rubha na Lice Uaine). With the strong winds and storms threatening, it was an exposed paddle, of approximately 24km/15miles. However, the journey had only a short section without landings or protection, and a judgement was made on the…


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