Loch Maree : September 2014

A bright days paddle on a fresh-water loch – it meant that kit did not need to be washed at home, yippee!  Two groups were arranged (peer and coach) and headed off around the islands.  (Note that landing on these islands needs to be done outwith the bird season)  Despite going separately, the groups met up several times at different points.  After a landing and exploration of Isle Maree, where we did not find the old well but did view the Wishing Tree, we made sure that nothing was taken off with us (in accordance with tradition); nobody was suffering from lunacy so we did not need to tow anybody around the island as a cure.  We even found a couple of sandy beaches to land and have lunch on.  The wind did pick up at the end as a squall came through, but not for long and everybody enjoyed the day out (including many who had only started paddling earlier in the year on the Spring Course).

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