Raasay/Rona Circumnavigation : Easter 2014

Before we even put a paddle in the water, lots of challenging calculations were required as to tide times and tidal streams, then we had to add in the forcasted winds to finally decide the direction of our circumnavigation! The weather was perfect: no winds! - so we paddled east. Glorious sunshine the whole trip, those of us in drysuits baked a bit!

Rasaay 1

This was a 3 day trip: each day was approximately of 30km, which felt a bit daunting so early in the season, but as we paddled with tides we covered the distance with ease. A particular highlight was visiting the cave church on the east coast of Rona….we rafted up as there was no landing point, and climbed 50feet up the rocks to cave – seating for 30 or so looking out to sea, a rock font with water slowly dripping down….elemental.


We camped for 2 nights on Eilean Tigh to allow us to paddle round Rona unladen.  A lovely spot, well drained, with plenty of room for our 6 tents…and lots of driftwood.  We ended our trip with a visit to Raasay House for tea and cakes….sat in glorious sunshine. Down to the boats for the final journey across the Sound to Sconser and the wind had got up to give us a pretty bumpy crossing.  As we left the shelter of the island behind 4 dolphins surfaced explosively, mere yards in front of our boats, and led us across the water.  A magnificent finale to a fabulous trip.


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